Building design makes a process effecient

Building services companies make the end product efficient and effective with the help of working tirelessly. There seems to be true but not in all cases as the new technologies are emerging with every passing day and make sure that the work is done in efficient and effective manner. The management of the construction of the building is only possible if the best practices are put in place. The pieces of the puzzle can only be joined if the best technologies are at hand. The building design, flow of energy and location are some of the most general factors which make a building efficient.

The mechanical building services are also taking an active part in ensuring that the designs are in line with the latest trends. This comes with a surety that the engineers will put into practice the latest trends. Whatever the building type is it is very important that the right engineering input is made. This will yield the results that are expected and will also ensure the best output and end product satisfying the users. The design should be self-sufficient and must also foster an ambiance that keeps the inhabitants cool and calm. Engineers play a vital role in this regard and they are the ones responsible for all the work that is being done.

Qualified building services engineers

Qualification is the most important aspect and therefore holds a primary position. The ambiance of the building and its strength is never ever maintainable if the engineers are not qualified. In case of large projects, the education of the engineers matters more than any other thing. It is the qualification of the engineers that will allow the best outcome and will also let the owners get the satisfaction they are looking for. The qualified engineers also ensure that the building is as per modern standards and the follow the prevailing rules and laws of the land.

Life of the project

The project that has been completed should have a life expectancy which is greater than what is expected. It means that building should be strong enough to face any issue and natural calamity. The right type of materials and the use of the high graded lines are some of the ways to ensure that the building survives for the years to come. It also means that the users of the building can live in a peaceful environment. There are many other life-related expectancies which are related to the building and the engineers should be well aware of all.

Designing and sequencing

Maintaining a sequence is very important as it allows the building to complete on right time and in right manner. It also leads to the project being successful and in line with the overall management. The design life can only be increased if the sequencing is according to ISO standards. From the right choice of materials to right construction techniques it is important that the engineers get the work done as per the needs of the users. Such sequencing is also important if the building structure is made unique.

16 Nov 2017

The share of clinical negligence cases in the US and their financial impact

Over 40,000 of cases of harm inflicted by medical staff to patients is registered in the US daily, representing a total of 15 million annually. Importantly, in 2011, only 12% of US hospitals have participated in programs for implementing additional security programs in treatment of patients. The expenditures associated with medical errors, incurred by Medicare, annually reaches a sky-high mark of $9bn.

Consumers Union of the US has conducted a survey among more than 2,000 Americans the purpose of which was to find more details about the experience of staying in medical institutions and direct relationships with medical services providers. Almost one in five respondents (18% of cases) reported that either personally or their a family member was infected with an infectious disease during medical procedures. Some respondents reported that they had to extend their stay in a medical institution or to be hospitalised due to infection by this disease. One third of respondents reported that they faced with the commission of errors by doctors during routine medical procedures (in the UK, according to the data presented, perhaps, the largest selection of medical negligence solicitors in UK, this number equals approximately 38%). 9% of respondents said that the pharmacists gave them the wrong drugs.

Despite the significant amounts of money allocated by several healthcare bodies for prevention of the commission of medical errors in the United States, a significant iatrogenic harm is done to around 1ml. of patients annually. According to the stats plenty of patients suffer injuries caused in the homes of the elderly, rehabilitation centers, outpatient practice, as well as during surgery. Even if we take into account the fact that a certain number of medical errors do not cause any harm or causing minor damage, in other cases, it causes severe injury or death of the patient, which generally entails increased morbidity and mortality. Statistics on payments for claims filed against the doctors, interns and residents of some specialties on account of their medical malpractice lawsuits says there were 9497 of satisfied claims in the United States in 2011. The largest number of complaints among the states in the US have been filed and granted on account of the medical staff of medical malpractice in New York the amount of such cases equaled 1379.

Every year, according to the Center for Patient Safety of Connecticut, more than 3% of hospital patients suffer from committing medical errors, while 1 patient out of 300 dies as a result of such errors. 90,000 of patients die as a result of diseases of hospital-acquired infections (with more than half of these deaths could have been prevented). Only 55% of the recommended treatment courses have been properly applied. According to a study conducted in 2012 (from January, 4 to March, 6) among the pediatric departments in eight of emergency ambulances in the state of Michigan, annually serving about 4,700 patients aged less than 18 years, the errors in dosage of drugs occurred in 125 cases (out of 360), which made up 34.7% of the total number.

07 May 2017

Why should I use SSTP protocol?

There are 4 basic VPN protocols that are used all over the world. These VPN protocols ensure that identity spoofing and online tracking becomes impossible. Commonly used VPN protocols are:

  • Open VPN
  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • SSTP

SSTP is however the main point of concern and therefore it will be discussed further. Developed by windows this application layer program has proven to be reliable and efficient in its working. It also means that the best technologies are brought forth by Microsoft for the wellbeing of its customers. There are information on different types of protocols on the best VPN services selection on AntaNet including those which are SSTP based and will make the connecting process a whole lot easier.

What is SSTP protocol?

Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol was launched with windows Vista SP 1 and hence it is already being used by millions of windows users all over the world. The further advancements as well as new details were added when SSTP was launched with windows 7, 8 and 10. Due to large windows fan base it is easy to get all the relevant details about SSTP in case you get into any issue. This makes it first and foremost choice for your system. NAT firewall has always been a headache while VPN development. SSTP uses port 443 and therefore it is bound to resolve all such issues and provide the ultimate experience.

Technical details

Some tech-related details of SSTP are as under:

  • SSL and SSTP connections use same port i.e. 443
  • The encryption bit used by SSTP is 2048
  • Due to same port usage SSTP uses the same mechanism of data transmission as SSL does.
  • Renowned VPN servers not only recognize the service but also support it to great extent. The example includes SoftEther VPN.

Advantages of using SSTP

Some of the very important advantages of SSTP are as under:

Strong encryption

It is almost impossible to track the trail and user if SSTP is being used. It is because the encryption type which is used is AES with 2048 bit. It therefore makes it impossible for authorities to break the exact combination leading to the exact user location.

Worldwide support

Even the third world countries use genuine windows software programs. This makes SSTP as one of the best and widely used VPN services. Being simple wherever windows is used anywhere in the world SSTP is an integral part of it. OS such as windows vista, 7, 8 and 10 supports it.

Great penetration

SSTP uses port 443 for data transmission. It can therefore bypass all NAT firewalls. Other than this it can also penetrate ZoneAlarm, Tiny wall and Anti Net Cut V3.  This makes SSTP as one of the leading VPN services of all times. It is also sometimes deemed as Open VPN due to large support and number of features it offers.

 SSTP is you reliable partner and therefore it is a must have for your system. Though it is a proprietary technology but still it works in the best manner to provide all the necessary VPN related support. It surpasses major brand names due to embedded effectiveness.

18 Apr 2017

Cements Composition, Strength & Choice Factors

Cements with high alumina units, which corresponds to the higher content of calcium aluminate, grasp and harden quite quickly. However, once a certain strength is achieved during the first days it hardly increases during further solidification. Such cements are less resistant to the effects of saline water. For small values ​​of the alumina modulus, meaning when large quantities of iron oxide in the clinker, cement sets and hardens more slowly, but yield a higher final strength. Iron oxide facilitates the clinker burning, it reduces the temperature of sintering.

The limited content cements, magnesium oxide (4-4.5%), as being in a free state, it may, due to slow hydration and later, cause the appearance of stress cracks in the products. The main characteristic is its clinker mineral composition, the content of C3S, C2S, NWA and OAF. Given that each mineral of Portland cement clinker has its own characteristics (9 markers to a greater or lesser extent influenced by the general properties of the cement, builders can not only pay attention to the strength characteristics. According to Telling experts, the company specialized in architectural solutions and wide use of hydraulic lime, lime mortar and concrete technologies, alite is considered to have the best hardening strength capabilities.

The greatest intensity of strength development is the feature of C3A, but just like C4AF, it provides low strength. The last place, both in absolute terms of strength and durability of the growth rate, goes to belite. It is noted that in long periods of time curing bleaches are capable of gaining high strength/behaving similarly to mixture of these components. The greatest strength of the two-component mixture is demonstrated by alite and NWA, the smallest – in alite mixed with bleaches and alite in a mixture with C4AF. An increase in the NWA to 15% increases the strength of the first period of hardening, but further provides a reduction of strength. The contents of NWA up to 10% gives the best strength constant gain when combined with OS, although separately NWA, as noted above, provides a very low strength. In this case, the positive role is played by the presence of gypsum in the cement that is added when grinding clinker. With it in composition a complex hardening salt is formed – crystalline calcium hydro-sulfoaluminate (also known ettringite).

Deformability & no-less crucial aspects

In assessing the quality and choice of the cement it also vital to take into account the deformability, shrinkage, heat, corrosion resistance, hardiness and resistance to external conditions of the building structures and other properties. The presence of artificial mineral clinker in various quantities and combinations brings about changes in the figures of the cement.

Deformability, impact resistance and ductility, is significantly higher in aluminoferrite cement, and virtually devoid of tricalcium aluminate. Aluminoferrite cement provides almost 2 times the tensile limit than aluminate cement. The content of NWA greatly reduces the deformability of cement capacity, it increases the likelihood of cracking. NWA is the most fragile mineral, while C4AF is way less fragile.

13 Aug 2015

UK Intellectual Property Legal Framework. The Official Evaluation

A group of prominent British experts representing Cambridge University, Manchester University, and its UMIP branch in particular, focused on intellectual property management (widely known for its commercialisation projects) led by Professor Ian Hargreaves on behalf of Prime Minister David Cameron, conducted the study of the current state of affairs around the UK law on intellectual property. The Prime Minister stressed the importance of this study, expressing concern that the shortcomings of the legal system may hinder innovation and economic development. In May 2011, a detailed report was prepared – ‘Digital Perspectives: An independent review of intellectual property and development’. Additional materials that were collected during the investigation can be found there.

The main question posed by the scientists was the estimate of the legal framework. Indeed, the current British legislation negatively impacts economic growth and inhibits innovation. The conclusion contained a detailed overview of the main problems in the various areas of intellectual property and the 10 recommendations to address them. Especially a lot of attention was paid to the influence of the Internet and digital technology to turn creative results. The experts specifically debunk some myths entrenched in society: on the impact of piracy, ways of dealing with them and so on.

This report has been recognised as one of the most respected in their field. Since it is often referred to by experts and law enforcers, not only in Britain but also in many other EU countries. It seems that a brief review of its basic position is very useful for many people. (more…)

26 Jun 2015

The Rise Of Industrial Ultrasound

The practical use of ultrasound takes its roots in 1880 after the discovery of piezoelectric effect by brothers Jacques and Pierre Curie. The effect was first discovered in rock crystal (variety of quartz).

The essence of the piezoelectric effect is the following: if the deformed quartz plate, then it faces appear opposite in sign to the electric charges, this phenomenon is called the direct piezoelectric effect. The mechanism of the direct piezoelectric effect is explained by the occurrence and the change in the dipole moment of the unit cell of the crystal lattice as a result of the displacement of the charges under the influence of mechanical stress. Thus, the faces of piezoelectric material generate electric charges.

But it turned out that there is an inverse piezoelectric effect. If applied to the plate alternating voltage, the crystal begins to shrink and expand with the frequency of the applied voltage. The mechanism of the reverse piezoelectric effect is as follows: under the action of an electric field on the charges in the elementary cell, a movement and as a result the average distance between them, that is, the deformation of the crystal occurs.

Made of a piezoelectric material part of simple geometric shapes (rod, plate, disc, cylinder, and so on) and coated with its specific surface electrodes called piezo. Piezo elements are part of a piezoelectric transducer. The inverter converts the energy of electrical oscillations in the energy of mechanical vibrations and puts it in a manufacturing environment.

Natural quartz roads is expensive, therefore created artificial piezomaterials barium titanate and lead zirconate titanate. These piezoelectric materials 100 times greater than that of quartz. Similar materials have been found among the magnetic materials and are called magnetostrictive materials. It was found that placing the magnetostrictive rod in a direction along a magnetic field alters the geometric dimensions of the rod.

On the basis of magnetostrictive and piezoelectric materials developed ultrasonic transducers transducers – devices that provide electrical energy conversion into mechanical vibrations of elastic vibrations.

But where one can use ultrasonic vibrations? One of the main applications of ultrasound is associated with the ability to transport enormous energies, aimed at the development and improvement of industrial technology. Promising direction of intensification of technological processes is the use of mechanical energy ultrasonic oscillations of high intensity.

The spheres of application

The use of ultrasonic vibration simplifies or pushes to the next level the processes that are not implemented or implemented with difficulties, traditional methods – provide machining (drilling, chamfering, performance slots) hard and brittle materials such as ceramics, semiconductor materials, glass, gems, ferrite, super-hard alloy and steel.

Ultrasonic vibrations can intensify many of the processes occurring at the interface of materials (plastics welding, gluing, impregnation of different materials), accelerating processes and improving the quality of the products. Undeniable and unique advantages of ultrasonic technology had to provide their broadest use in solving complex problems of modern industries, focused on the production of competitive products. For example, ultrasound helped to enhance the manufacturing process at large machinery facilities due to an improved cleaning and drying process. This, in its turn, gave birth to the entirely new technology – the companies like Hilsonic emerged and gave birth to numerous types of ultrasonic cleaner equipment.

10 Mar 2015

LED Lighting Industrial Scale Revolution

High quality lighting is the key to high productivity of the manufacturing process, comfortable working conditions for employees, safe movement in tough areas, and this is just the beginning of the list. Nowadays, the organization of lighting gets increasingly, yet fairly saturated with LED lighting. LEDs differ in shape, form and purpose: from conventional light sources to special performance fixtures, allowing such devices to work in conditions of high humidity, dustiness, high or low temperatures. The business aspect of the next-gen lighting is definitely there: considering the example of Metcraft Lighting manufacturers, a noteworthy UK-based manufacturer integrating led street lights systems, has already managed to press for 567% annual energy consumption economy.

LED lighting fixtures are often packed with housings of special design that provide decent protection against ingress of moisture and dust, mechanical damage, as well as effective removal of heat generated during operation of industrial diode lamp.

The requirements for industrial LED luminaires

As for industrial facilities  and workplaces lighting, obviously, it should be bright enough and uniform  at the same time. However, having too bright and dark areas should be avoided, since switching the focus from dark to the light areas and vice versa leads to rapid fatigue of view. In order to make the most uniform illumination, you can use the energy-saving industrial lighting pendant or wall with opal diffuser. Lighting should be comfortable to the human eye spectral composition that prevents overvoltage view.

In the industrial facilities LED lighting feature the body that protects the power supply from high humidity and dustiness. This can be achieved by sealing quality. Luminaire body can be vandal-proof, which prevents accidental damage. The same goes as for resistance to vibration, which is often presented in industrial areas. By the way, diode industrial lighting can operate in an impressive temperatures range from -40 to +40°C. (more…)

22 Jan 2015

Herbal Cigarettes Industry Contradictions At The Outset Of 2000s

In February 2000, in the monthly bulletin of news on policy abuses research carried out by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with reference to the Advocacy Institute, it was concluded that ‘herbal cigarettes are unsafe’, but popular among minors. The manuscript underlined that herbal cigarettes, marketed as a healthier alternative to tobacco and smoking cessation, are extremely attractive for young people. In the previous two years, the sales of such brands as Ecstasy rocketed to 350%. Ecstasy, Herbal Gold and the far-famed Magic ciggys come with ginseng, jasmine and heaps of other herbs in the composition, and therefore not subject to restrictions on sales to minors. Because teens tend to copy adults’ behavior, herbal cigarettes are a means to teach them to smoke, and the brand sophisticatedly promotes Ecstasy among teenagers.

On April 27 of same year, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the United States issued a statement, indicating the nature of deceptive advertising of alternative cigarettes and required companies to designate herbal cigarettes harm to health.

In this statement, an official response to the actions of two businesses: Santa Fe and Alternative Cigarettes, in particular, states that manufacturers that produce alternative cigarettes, agreed to explicitly indicate ‘smoking herbal cigarettes is not safe for your health; the cigarettes are the source of tar and carbon monoxide’ signature on the packaging and advertising of herbal cigarettes. It should be noted that on some web pages touting herbal cigarettes, now the above-mentioned warning is also indicated.

Such instructions on the package may be excluded only if the data on research results showing that herbal smoking products do not cause any health risk is provided.

As stated by Jodie Bernstein, Office of Consumer Protection (FTC) director, this cigarettes type is promoted under the aura of ‘natural products’, but in fact they are neither healthier nor safer. Actually, there is no such thing as ‘safe smoke’; in the article on herbal cigarettes posted on (Natural Health Magazine) website, a digital herbal medicine treasury, boasting numerous articles on herbal medicine, it is argued that cigarette smoke, just like smoke of tobacco cigarettes , is a source of toxins, carcinogens, resins and carbon monoxide.

The outcomes of the affair

In addition, after FTC forced manufacturers to place warnings on cigarette packs and baned the packages indicating that ‘herbal cigarettes that do not cause a health risk that is associated with tobacco smoking’ as well as any other statements on health effects, until they are not supported by the research results, the initiative was supported by state authorities.

Following the FTC statement in May 2000, there have been reports that state legislatures began to unanimously put herbal cigarettes sales to minors under a ban.

In New York the Act on Prevention of adolescent tobacco use, in particular, in the 2002 version, says that salespeople do not have the right to sell tobacco or herbal cigarettes to persons under 18 years of age, otherwise they risk to be fined $2,500 and lose the certificate for trade in tobacco and herbal products, loss of license.


26 Oct 2014

No Win No Fee Legal Instrument Never Used?

No win no fee legislation, mainly designed for grass roots and subjected to core changes in the year of 1995, is meant to be a transparent and accessible legal tool anyone can make use of. The type of agreement, applicable in submitting both serious brain injury claims and minor injury claims, implies paying a success fee to the solicitor if the case is won: the sum is deducted from the compensation awarded by the court. Definitely, the latest major legislation changes have adjusted the way it works – however, judging by the amount of companies registered as providing ‘no win no fee’ services at Solicitors Guru, a large number of licensed firms still offers such services. Here you also will find more info about no win no fee conception particulars.

Doubtlessly, the legal instrument granted for the wider audience is meant to be actively used, but according to statistics, the option is taken advantage of extremely rarely. In accordance with the report, carried out by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, an overwhelming majority of workers, suffered an injury or contracted a disease on-the-job, never pulls the legal trigger. The president of the association, Matthew Stockwell, admits the opportunity has been used by as little as 15%, while the greater part of injured never tried to collect their legal compensation.

The researchers believe that there are several strong reasons for ignoring the opportunity; both head injury claims or minor injury claims opportunities are typically abandoned due to inability to prove the 3rd party negligence, which naturally includes the lack of evidence. Unfortunately, not many aware of the fact that the list of employer’s responsibilities is represented by an extremely huge amount of items, so the incompetence in legal questions prevents the majority of workers from receiving legal compensations. Another large group of potential legal customers considers the opportunity to be a ‘time wasting affair’ and believes that the chances to get at least a tiny compensation amount are miserable.

14 Aug 2014

How It Works: Pipe Flanges

Flange is an integral part of pipe fittings typically used as a connecting component either to fixed or rotating parts. An average flange represents a paired object of ring or disc-shaped form. The flanges uk are mounted through diametrically arranged holes using a flange connection screw: bolts or studs, tightening the two flanges. Flanges may vary in size, type of connection between them, front form and in seals options between two mating surfaces of the flange. The pressure the pipelines flanges handle starts from 10-13 mbar and reaches the impressive 220 bar in the most advanced facilities.

Pipe flanges: technical characteristics

There are several forms of flanges production: manufacturers produce steel flat flanges, neck flanges, loose flanges on the ring, secured by welding, and, of course, bespoke flanges. Flanges form the first group serve as connecting elements between the flange itself and the other flange element of the system. The flanges are typically attached to the pipes via threaded or welded joints. Such flanges are designed to withstand the temperature conditions of -75 – 450 degrees. However, it should be taken into account that depending on the diameter of the pipe, the assumed values ​​of pressure and regional conditions flanges may have up to ten subtypes of spacer compounds. Flat flanges are able to withstand even greater temperature ranges, in this case the flanges are connected by welding, without using spacers between the flat flanges of additional materials. Neck flanges are mounted back to back; the flanges of this type are oftentimes used to mounting various devices by connecting flanges with various fittings and pipe accessories.

Flanges: spheres of use

The flanges represent the parts of connective tubing, shafts and containers. Flanges are primarily designed for connecting different products with the main pipeline valves. Furthermore, they are used for bonding together the individual pipe sections or the connection to the equipment. Flange reinforcement provides strength, integrity and simplifies the process of assembling and disassembling complex constructions.

30 Jul 2014