Why should I use SSTP protocol?

There are 4 basic VPN protocols that are used all over the world. These VPN protocols ensure that identity spoofing and online tracking becomes impossible. Commonly used VPN protocols are:

  • Open VPN
  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • SSTP

SSTP is however the main point of concern and therefore it will be discussed further. Developed by windows this application layer program has proven to be reliable and efficient in its working. It also means that the best technologies are brought forth by Microsoft for the wellbeing of its customers. There are information on different types of protocols on the best VPN services selection on AntaNet including those which are SSTP based and will make the connecting process a whole lot easier.

What is SSTP protocol?

Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol was launched with windows Vista SP 1 and hence it is already being used by millions of windows users all over the world. The further advancements as well as new details were added when SSTP was launched with windows 7, 8 and 10. Due to large windows fan base it is easy to get all the relevant details about SSTP in case you get into any issue. This makes it first and foremost choice for your system. NAT firewall has always been a headache while VPN development. SSTP uses port 443 and therefore it is bound to resolve all such issues and provide the ultimate experience.

Technical details

Some tech-related details of SSTP are as under:

  • SSL and SSTP connections use same port i.e. 443
  • The encryption bit used by SSTP is 2048
  • Due to same port usage SSTP uses the same mechanism of data transmission as SSL does.
  • Renowned VPN servers not only recognize the service but also support it to great extent. The example includes SoftEther VPN.

Advantages of using SSTP

Some of the very important advantages of SSTP are as under:

Strong encryption

It is almost impossible to track the trail and user if SSTP is being used. It is because the encryption type which is used is AES with 2048 bit. It therefore makes it impossible for authorities to break the exact combination leading to the exact user location.

Worldwide support

Even the third world countries use genuine windows software programs. This makes SSTP as one of the best and widely used VPN services. Being simple wherever windows is used anywhere in the world SSTP is an integral part of it. OS such as windows vista, 7, 8 and 10 supports it.

Great penetration

SSTP uses port 443 for data transmission. It can therefore bypass all NAT firewalls. Other than this it can also penetrate ZoneAlarm, Tiny wall and Anti Net Cut V3.  This makes SSTP as one of the leading VPN services of all times. It is also sometimes deemed as Open VPN due to large support and number of features it offers.

 SSTP is you reliable partner and therefore it is a must have for your system. Though it is a proprietary technology but still it works in the best manner to provide all the necessary VPN related support. It surpasses major brand names due to embedded effectiveness.