A Masterpiece Essay Components Studied

The quality of any essay depends on three interrelated components:

  • The materials to be used (notes, lectures, researches, personal experiences on the issue and etc.);
  • The quality of starting material processing (organisation, structuring, argumentation and reasoning);
  • argumentation (how closely the essay relates to the problems raised in the essay).

The process of writing an essay can be divided into several stages: thinking -> planning -> writing -> checking -> editing. If the topic is completely new to you, consider the option of outsourcing the mission to some savvy agency, e.g. livepaperhelp.com.

Planning stage implies defining the purpose, main ideas, sources of information, deadlines and submission of work. The main aim here is to define actions. Ideas, as well as goals can be specific and general, more abstract. Thoughts, feelings, views and ideas can be expressed in the form of analogies, associations, assumptions, arguments, opinions, arguments, arguments and etc.

  1. Analogy identifies ideas and reveals them within the framework of a comparative analysis.
  2. Association is a reflection of the relationships of objects and phenomena of reality in the form of regular connection between neuro-psychic phenomena (in response to a particular stimulus to give a verbal ‘first come to mind’ reaction).
  3. Assumption is a statement not confirmed by any evidence.
  4. Arguments are represented by formulations and proof of opinions.
  5. Reasoning is a series of interconnected judgments that are expressed in order to convince the reader (listener) in faithfulness (truth) thesis, perspective or position.
  6. Judgment is a phrase or sentence that implies answering the question: true or false?
  7. Pros – justifying that a conclusion is true or true with any degree of probability; facts, references to authorities, obviously true judgments (laws, axioms, etc.), the evidence (direct, indirect, “on the contrary”, “process of elimination”) are used as the arguments.

The list that emerges as a result of putting the ideas one by one will help determine which of them need special arguments. The role of sources is pretty simple: it tells you where to look for the desired material. Typically library, Internet resources, dictionaries, reference books are used. Revision in essay writing means editing text with a focus on quality and efficiency. The quality of the text consists of four main components: clarity of thought, intelligibility, literacy and correctness. The plot is the content. The writer must formulate ideas to express clearly, otherwise the odds that the message would be delivered are not good.