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UK Intellectual Property Legal Framework. The Official Evaluation

A group of prominent British experts representing Cambridge University, Manchester University, and its UMIP branch in particular, focused on intellectual property management (widely known for its commercialisation projects) led by Professor Ian Hargreaves on behalf of Prime Minister David Cameron, conducted the study of the current state of affairs around the UK law on intellectual property. The Prime Minister stressed the importance of this study, expressing concern that the shortcomings of the legal system may hinder innovation and economic development. In May 2011, a detailed report was prepared – ‘Digital Perspectives: An independent review of intellectual property and development’. Additional materials that were collected during the investigation can be found there.

The main question posed by the scientists was the estimate of the legal framework. Indeed, the current British legislation negatively impacts economic growth and inhibits innovation. The conclusion contained a detailed overview of the main problems in the various areas of intellectual property and the 10 recommendations to address them. Especially a lot of attention was paid to the influence of the Internet and digital technology to turn creative results. The experts specifically debunk some myths entrenched in society: on the impact of piracy, ways of dealing with them and so on.

This report has been recognised as one of the most respected in their field. Since it is often referred to by experts and law enforcers, not only in Britain but also in many other EU countries. It seems that a brief review of its basic position is very useful for many people. (more…)

26 Jun 2015