A Masterpiece Essay Components Studied

The quality of any essay depends on three interrelated components:

  • The materials to be used (notes, lectures, researches, personal experiences on the issue and etc.);
  • The quality of starting material processing (organisation, structuring, argumentation and reasoning);
  • argumentation (how closely the essay relates to the problems raised in the essay).


25 Jun 2014
Office Clocks Showing Different Times

When choosing between two alternatives – short term investments contra long term investments

Investing is a serious and responsible expression seeking to attain better results. It takes from you  a lot of creative thoughts, rational actions in planning an investment  strategy  in order to achieve the desired objectives. All the basic elements such as time span, kind of  business or capital size  are interrelated, though depending on the time you can better decide the alternatives that might prove to be more attractive and favorable.

Investments are classified into or can be  short term and long term. Both have their advantages as well as cons but it is more better to combine and unite both and organize the reinvestment possibilities to maintain profitability. The short term investments provide desired fast  results. If you plan high profit earnings  in a short time period you should select for these type of investments. In order to increase your returns, you need to permanently investigate the market nature and constantly watch of the probable volatilities. Most people opting the short term investments take these as an possibility to increase their capital for major long term investments. Investing in gold, buying stocks or bonds, taking loans all these actions  could be named as short term investment.

Despite all these advantages, short term investments have many limitations. Playing with high risks may come with high return, but frquently short term investments can turn into a big loss.

Long term investments considered to be less risky and favored by those investors who prefer stability, safety and less return. Mentioned investments take  several years to become ripe . Involved in such investing people earn as a rule less return but the gains keep on coming for couple of  years. These investments are preferred for secure long period aims. Persons  organizing for long term investments usually cherish their accumulated capital into retirement plans, children future or provident funds of different types. All these mentioned investments demand strong patience but the advantages keep materializing for several years to come.

Long term investments requires less managing  over your capital nor to short term investments Maintaining all these basic elements in mind it is completely  personal choice to opt the sort of investment that is the most appropriate for them. Different people havevarious  preferences and face different personal  experiences, so you can not ground your decision on somebody else’s              experience.


19 Jun 2014
thornhill services

Servicing Large Production Facilities: Tanks, Bunds & More

Tanks, reservoirs and containers designed for different purposes and configurations are fairly considered to be integral parts of virtually any engineering system.

Due to the unprecedented demand, manufacturers offer a wide selection of tanks types: hydro accumulators used in water supply systems, storage tanks for drinking and industrial water, condensate tanks, reactants tanks, pressure and non-pressure process vessels, and dozens of other types of various volume, shape and configuration, standard or custom-designed. The companies specializing in manufacturing equipment for huge production facilities typically provide bund, or the so-called ‘bund walls’ construction aimed at preventing the chemical spills.

An individual approach in the design and manufacture saves considerable amounts of money in comparison with standard solutions, which is achieved through accurate estimating of the optimal volume and weight of the tank.

The manufacture of tanks and containers in accordance with individually specified geometrical characteristics reduces the cost of construction and installation works as well as the cost of existing facilities reconstruction or upgrading. Stainless steel material used in tanks manufacturing increases the lifespan of the product up to 30-40 years, plus the construction is hardly suitable for corrosive environment development, due to the limited iron oxide (rust) formation capabilities during the use.

In addition, equipment providers produce voc removal and odour control systems, to decrease the concentration of dangerous chemical compounds and biological and carbon odour control accordingly. Taking into account the rigid norms and standards the large production facilities have to comply with, installing such equipment is obligatory in nine cases out of ten.

12 Jun 2014

How It Works: A Borehole Drilling Rig

A borehole drilling rig is designed to lift and lower the drill string and casing in the well, retain the pressure exerted on the drill string during drilling, accommodate the drill block system and its parts, the pipe and the equipment needed for drilling.

When another drilling site for oil and gas is launched the professionals take advantage of using metal tower and mast rigs, and frankly speaking, mast construction are used more frequently in comparison with the tower ones. Such choice is explained by a less complicated and faster process of installation. Tower rigs are overwhelmingly erected for deep exploration, while mast rigs are installed for production purposes.

Derricks may differ in payloads and height. According to practice, drilling to a depth of 1200-1300m demands installing the 28m height rig, the wells of 1330-3500m need 41-42m rig to be mounted, while the projects exceeding 3,500m demand 53+ meters derricks.

Today the industry professionals do mostly resort to A-frame mast derricks, comprised of two columns connected at the top of the crown with connection blockers and attached at the bottom to support the hinges. A range of researches in geophysics as well as practical data confirms that the construction mentioned above is considered to be the most efficient one for residential systems.

10 Jun 2014
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